In Situ Terrazzo Floors for Leading Dublin Food & Wine Retailer

Terrazzo - Donnybrook Fair Dublin

Location: Malahide, Dublin

Product: In-situ Terrazzo floor with Brass

Work: Terrazzo Flooring / Floors

Install Period: 6 weeks

From humble beginnings in the early 2000s, Donnybrook Fair has grown from a local, South Dublin market into a food business that can be discovered in neighbourhoods from Greystones all the way to Malahide. Donnybrook Fair is one of Ireland’s leading Food and Wine retailers. manufactured and installed a Terrazzo Floor with brass strip used to create detail in the centrepieces of the floor. This project is a classic example of using Terrazzo in retail or commercial premises. Terrazzo Floors in Dublin are becoming increasingly fashionable with Architects, Developers and Property Owners restoring Terrazzo floors or requesting new Terrazzo Flooring.